Now that I've reached my 30th year of service in the system, I figured it was about time to set up a working website for my classes at Shaker Heights High School. 

Why? Well....

1. To compel students to find new excuses for avoiding work. You will find on this site not only homework assignments and quiz and test information, but downloadable copies of most of the material I hand out in class. In this way, you, the parent, will be spared, for example, from having to clench your fists in helpless rage and/or confusion as your child croaks out the mournful words "I-I-I forgot my vocabulary sheet!" the night before a quiz...

2. To speak to you, the parent, directly. Let's face it: the path from teacher to parent is a difficult and confusing one, especially if the student is the one giving directions. I hope that via this website, you will get a clearer-than-usual idea of what's going on in the classroom over the course of the school year.

3. To proselytize, proselytize, proselytize! Since your child has been in Latin or Greek for awhile, you may have some rough idea of what's available both on the internet and outside the classroom in terms of the Classical World, but, believe me, there's sooooooooo much more! And here, I hope, you'll get some idea of what your child will be able to discover and to appreciate from his/her studies in Latin and/or Greek!

Thank You For Your Support!

Mr. White                                                                                                         


This website is so not affiliated with, nor approved by, the Shaker Heights (OH) City Schools!