2007 Crossword Tournament

You may be asking yourself something along the lines of "What possible link could there be between a crossword puzzle and the Latin language?", which I guess is a fair enough question to bring up about this venture. (Although when we hold a bake sale, nobody says word one about the existence of a Latin-chocolate chip cookie connection!)

My response would be to quote from the solution grid to a recent Sunday crossword puzzle:


Now, that's just from the Across answers!

Let's face it: a knowledge of Latin and Greek and the Classical World has always been a huge advantage in solving crossword puzzles for as long as they've been around, even these days when constructors pore through copies of TV Guide and Vibe Magazine on the lookout for new and unusual words with which to fill up their puzzles. (Ever hear of JORJA Fox from CSI? Me, neither!)

You'll also be aiding and abetting the Shaker Heights Latin Club. It's a group of students here at Shaker Heights High School who not only have an interest in Latin (and Greek), but an interest in helping others. As much as we plan for the annual OJCL (Ohio Junior Classical League) Convention in Columbus in March (tain't free!), we also focus on service to the community, culminating in our Make a Difference Day, where OJCL students from all over the state come together en masse to participate in a large-scale service project.

So................we hope we'll see you at Shaker!

A Word document Registration form is here.

A PDF Registration form is here.

The (often-edited) flyer for the Tournament can be found here.

(Of course, the easiest way to sign up would simply be for you to email your name, your home and email addresses, home phone number to me [dtd916 (at) mindspring.com]  and bring the $8 fee on Saturday!)

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